About Us

About The Ramkrishna Healthline

Ramakrishna Healthline is a leading naturopathy hospital which has been established for cure and prevention of chronic diseases through modification of lifestyle and detoxification of the body, with a comprehensive approach. Ramkrishna Healthline has pioneered modern drugless healthcare in India.

Our Purpose

To promote the merits of a natural and drugless healing and offer these treatments to all strata of society so that their conventional dependency on drugs reduces and the society at large can observe a healthier life naturally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to inspire people to follow a natural way of life, and to allow them to activate their innate ability to fight diseases without drugs. This way, people won’t suffer from preventable diseases and thus, the economic burden on the society’s weaker section is minimized.

Treatment of Lifestyle Disorders with Naturopathy

In the current era, it can be extremely hard to maintain our daily lifestyle and well being. Our body can be a shelter to multiple diseases with the current inactive life we are living. Ramkrishna Healthline helps you in building a life which wards off lifestyle diseases. Such lifestyle disorders can be healed by a pure environment, healthier food, and a peaceful way of living without any bad habits. Ramakrishna Healthline provides an amalgamation of services. While talking about lifestyle, it is essential to mention how living an unhealthy lifestyle will affect the physical and mental being.

We also work productively upon common yet major lifestyle diseases including Cardiovascular diseases or CVD, Diabetes, Cancer, and Chronic Respiratory Diseases.

"With a ray of positive hope, we brought our 5 year old child Harshita to get better outcomes here for her diabetic issues. Before coming here, we got her C-Peptide levels checked (0.03) and found Type-1 Diabetes. To cure this, the only solution we had at that time was to inject our baby with heavy dosage of insulin. It’s only after visiting the Ramakrishna Healthline we gained complete knowledge of the effects of dietary changes. Still, we didn’t want to take a chance for this sensitive case until Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna sir guaranteed us the positive outcomes provided we had to fully coordinate with him. And, everything great about the naturopathy treatment comes into light after confronting the C-Peptide levels at 1.05 and that too without any dosage of insulin. It was the miraculous effect of dietary changes only. We can’t thank Ramakrishna Healthline much for this.


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